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The Legacy of my Angel - VINNIE - my first rescue dog

I had the pleasure of having Vinnie in my life for almost 10 years, we have been through so much together and through him I have learnt so much about life and myself thanks to this special dog.

I got Vinnie through Mutts in Distress in Herts. when I did some volunteering work and within a short time of having Vinnie, I realised how special this boy was. We did everything together and he became my rock and support through a lot of highs and lows.

In June 2012 Vinnie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to spread his angel wings and carry on doing his work - he has left a huge hole in my life which I doubt will ever be filled, but I know he had a great life with me, and that when he needed me to do the ultimate unselfish act and let him go, I did just that. Vinnie became ill very quickly and was diagnosed with a brain tumour - the proud little man I loved so dearly was quickly fading and whilst i could have dragged it out, Vinnie told me in his own way that the time had come to say Good-Bye. 

I've been thinking about what I could do to honour this special dog, and then today whilst going off to re-home another rescue dog it came to me, I want to honour Vinnie life with a pledge to all the rescue dogs that come through K9Partners.

So it is with huge pride that I declare that this rescue dedicates the following to all rescue dogs that come through our doors......

  • They will be treated like one of our own dogs, and be given all the love, support and understanding they need.
  • We will find the best home which will embrace their individual qualities, character and breed.
  • They will get all the medical attention they need to ensure you go to their new home, happy and healthy.
  • That any behavioral issues are dealt with before they go to their new home, so the new home can enjoy a balanced happy dog.
  • That for the life of that dog, we will always take them back and look after them till a new forever home is found
  • That each dog will be celebrated, that we have been able to save their live, give them a second or third chance of finding their perfect home, where they will be happy, safe, loved and looked after till it comes time for them to meet Vinnie at the Bridge.
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