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A little bit about Kerry and the rescue

My Name is Kerry and to be honest I have completely stumbled into dog rescue, but now wouldn't change it for the world.

One night back in February 2011, my now ex partner - a Heavy Recovery Driver - was on call and was sent out to a broken down vehicle, little did we know that on that night our world was going to change. The lady he was towing back home was desperately making calls to try and get a dog out of the pound and safe because it was due to be put to sleep. When she finally came off the phone he inquired as to the dog and the situation - the moment the lady mentioned Mastiff he knew I wasn't NOT going to help, so I got a call at 11pm that night to ask if could we help, by the morning we had pictures and said yes, we would help out whilst a rescue space was found - well within 36 hours an underweight and sad Cookie was at home with us. By day two I just knew Cookie was going any where, and so became a failed fosterer and kept him. He is now fit and healthy and called Baxter. 

When I called the lady to say that I would like to offer him a forever home, I said in passing, 'if you ever have another dog in the same situation please give us a call and we will see if we can help .. well two weeks later a call came and we welcomed Peanut into our pack. of then three dogs. He have since been re-homed Peanut, but we have not stopped helping dogs out where we can since that memorable night!

I know have a wonderful pack of NINE well balanced and sociable dogs, mostly from stray or unwanted backgrounds and this pack regularly help me bring in new dogs that need to learn how to live with other dogs and how to behave. i'm very blessed to have such wonderful dogs in my life.: and whilst there are times when lives challenges seem insurmountable, my pack will always be there for me!

We now have a dedicated and experienced team of people helping to run the rescue;

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