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How can you help us

FOSTER - We always need foster homes. Fostering is not only very rewarding, but more importantly it gives the dog the very best chance of finding a loving forever home, Foster homes give the dog the one on one contact, love and support that kennels never can. If this is something that you would like to do, please email us.

ADOPT - There are 1000's of unwanted dogs in rescues and pounds throughout the country. And, unfortunately on a daily basis a huge number are put to sleep, either because of lack of space in the pound, or their 7-10 days are up. These dogs, prior to coming into rescue are not advertised to the general public. The only way we can help and make a difference to them, is to bring the dog into rescue, place them - ideally - in a foster home for assessment, and then place them up for adoption. Every adoption from a rescue source, and NOT A BREEDER means that a space will become available to save another dog from the over fill pounds and shelters throughout the country. Over breeding, and greed created this problem, we owe it to these dogs to try to help them find happy lives. ADOPT DON"T BUY!

Donations or Sponsorship.

As a small rescue - we do not have our own kenneling facility, and often find that a dog in desperately need of help can't be placed in a foster home due to lack of availability, and kenneling is our only option if we are to save it's life. The cost of kennelling varies hugely throughout the country, but a month long stay can cost us well over £300 per month. Kenneling costs are a huge drain on any rescue, hence the need for foster homes. If you are unable to foster, but would like to donate towards our kenneling costs, we would be so grateful. Full details of how you can do this can be found on the poster to your left. Small rescue don't often don't get the support or recognition that the larger rescues get, but we still endeavor to our very best with what we have, and saves lifes!

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