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Well it seems that over the last 30 years we have really and truly forgotten how to feed our best friends. Before many even own a furry friend they are subjected to advert after advert showing green fields and happy looking dogs advertising the latest bag or tin of processed foods.

Why do sayings like "fit as a butcher?s dog" hardly exist in our language any more. Easy, huge multi-national food companies discovered that they could massively increase their profits if they could take their waste and turn it into a useable and saleable product. Well they made it easily and wow in what a big way. In fact the business is worth so much money and has become so successful maybe only petroleum companies are over them.

How can products from the human waste chain be any good to feed our friends? In fact it is so bad many food companies were obtaining protein from the use of cereals. Lets be frank show me one person who has seen a dog or cat run off and go to the nearest field and start eating, corn, wheat etc. Dogs and cats were never designed to eat cereals; they are carnivore?s therefore meat eaters, bone eaters. They are opportunistic feeders and will eat ripe fruits fallen from trees, raid birds nests, eat rotting carcass never cereals. All the food is raw they never knock up a fire, get out a pan and have a fry up so why do we use processed foods to feed our friends?

Cooking changes the protein strings, so the more you cook the less benefit the food is. In fact anything you do to put a carnivore?s diet on a shelf for an owner to feed easily will involve with rare exception a cooking process and the use of chemicals. Now before you all go oh I use ones with no preservatives or such in them and it even says so on the bag then think again! You are being deceived. Yes call up the MD of the dog food company and I am sure he will say he adds no preservatives. Guess what he is not lying. He does not add any. So then how can that bag sit there on the shelf for years upon years yet is has meat in int. Simple its full of preservatives, just not added in by the food manufacturer but added in at the rendering plant where all the so called waste animal products are cooked down into a slurry and then preservatives are added and the slop is put into drums for shipment to the dog food makers. So the maker can claim no preservatives added. Nice.

So you still are not convinced. Okay what is your furry friend?s breath like? Go on if you feed kibble go have a sniff, have a look at their mouths. Nice yes. Enjoy the smell. SO what next you doing what the vet suggested, using a toothbrush and doggy toothpaste or maybe even doggy floss. Why is the mouth so stinky and smelly, simple your friend is not getting the correct food Mother Nature intended. The food should be on the bone so the teeth are polished and cleaned every meal. Studies have shown that plaque hardens in 24hrs, therefore if you want to have a friend with clean teeth, fresh breath and no silly vets? bills join the rest of this growing movement and make the large food companies throw their waste away and allow us to feed our friends the right way. The correct way, the way our grandparents did and their grandparents all the way back to the people who first adopted wolves into their camps and made them work alongside us all those thousands of years ago.

Stop being fooled into buying rubbish to clean your friend?s teeth, stop falling for another bag of rubbish kibble or tinned processed junk. Would you allow your kids to eat Big Macs all day every day and not allow them to clean their teeth. Imagine the mess they would be in. Imagine waking up every morning with massive tooth ache, bad skin, and dirty ears all because you were not eating the correct food nature intended for you. Well let?s stop allowing this to happen to our friends.

Feed only items suitable for them and that are totally free of all and any additives. Just pure - one hundred percent meat and bones. 

There is nothing more satisfying than watching your best friend discover the joy of chomping their way through their first rack of lamb ribs and watching them change over the coming weeks. You watch how quick that bowl of tripe disappears, or the ox cheeks. Gone in a flash with a polished bowl. Let your friend show you themselves, try it and watch.

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